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Our Purpose

Psych Matters is a outpatient behavioral health organization dedicated to providing comprehensive psychological and psychiatric treatment to support the emotional well-being of people living in Dallas and surrounding communities. Our mission is to serve and promote mental health services to all members of our community regardless of any barriers and give back to the community, supporting all of us. 

Dallas is known for its unique and lively residents, as well as its distinctive city characteristics. Whether it be fine dining, a hopping nightlife or a stroll through the historical West End, Dallas is no doubt a great place to live. Even so, such a fast-paced environment can also lead to physical and mental stress.

So many of us feel the everyday burdens of living in a major metropolitan area but you are not alone and we are here to help! Navigating the medical system in Texas can be difficult. Let us make it easier for you.

Psych Matters, PLLC takes an interactive and empathetic approach to helping all clients no matter your mental health status. By utilizing multiple areas of expertise, our certified experts cater to your needs. We also know what it is like to live and cope with the ins and outs of life in Dallas.

Our staff practices various modalities including Psychiatry with Medication Management, BrainView NeuralScan technology, client-centered and trauma informed care, Psychotherapy and Crisis Management. Our office and tele-health services always offer a safe space for everyone, including LGBTQAI+, as well as all ages from 16 years of age and beyond*.

By offering supportive and encouraging atmospheres for all our clients from across this great city, we invite you to schedule an appointment at your convenience. Our friendly and professional staff will gladly answer any questions to help find what we offer and works best for you.

* Booking appointments for children younger than 5 years old will be done on a case-by-case basis.

Psych Matters is dedicated to taking care of the community and those who we serve, we are committed to You.

We Offer

The highest quality of mental health services to individuals and families across all age groups, ethnicities and cultural heritage.

We Provide

Evidence based mental health services that are peer reviewed and considered the gold standard for the best treatment outcomes.

We Deliver

Mental health services promptly and in a timely manner. Psych Matters doesn’t double or triple book appointment spots. Your appointment time belongs solely to you. We value and respect your time.