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Titan IR improves relaxation , stress management, cognitive performance, and focus/mental acuity /cerebral blood flow. $ 35 per session 15 total treatments (not covered by insurance).
Direct: 832-332-3703 | Houston: 832-225-3345 | Dallas: 972-449-8300 | NYC: 917-994-0057

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Times Square location in the heart of Manhattan.

New York City has a long history of amazing diversity and is bursting with rich cultures and traditions that keep the city alive with activity.

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Psych Matters Brainiac


Highland Park/Mockingbird area North of downtown.

Dallas is known for its unique and lively residents, as well as its fine dining, a hopping nightlife and the beautiful West End historic district.

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Psych Matters Brainiac


Two clinic locations, North and Centrally located.

Houston is known to have one of the most diverse populations in the country with an amazing culinary experience that spans the globe.

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